How It Works


iHOME Credits refers to Club iHOME’s member credits. In iHOME Vacation Club and cooperative business, iHOME Credits can will be exchanged for services or goods according to the specification or for some discounts in services. Protected by encrypted currency technology, iHOME Credits can circulate in standard global universal blockchain system. It can be kept in a digital wallet and become a trustable personal service token.

Club iHOME will continue establishing new branches for iHOME Credits. In the future, members can exchange iHOME Credits for services and enjoy a more comfortable travel and vacation in more places in the world.


Approaches to get iHOME Credits:

1.Get complimentary credits according to iHOME’s marketing promotion plan; More than half amount of iHOME Credits is sent to users and cooperative business for free.

  1. Become iHOME Alliance’s cooperative business. For example, owners of vacation projects can become qualified business partners of iHOME Alliance for free, by which, they can have more opportunities to increase customer and income. Please visit
  2. Become iHOME Alliance’s partner. Individuals can also get involved in iHOME’s work as iHOME Alliance’s partner like participating in marketing, which will provide partners with great benefits. Please contact
  3. Now you can get 1001 iHOME for free after pre-registering on the official website - 1001 Plan is in progress based on the schedule of marketing. (There will be no further notice when the giveaway plan ends.)
  4. For owners of vacation project like the developers of resort, there is a special plan for cooperative development. iHOME will assist you to create more competitive projects which possibly accelerate the return on investment!

2.For iHOME’s resort customers and individual consumers:

a) When buying services and goods from iHOME Alliance’s business, customers can get some iHOME Credits as the reward of consumption;

b) When buying services and goods in iHOME’s resorts and on iHOME’s living website, customers can get some iHOME Credits as the reward of consumption;

3.Online purchase: At present, iHOME Credits can be purchased online. Grasp the opportunity and log in; and then you can buy iHOME at a relatively lower price.

a) Log in After register or log in, please click the link “KYC, My Profile” on the top of the webpage and fill in relevant information so as to finish client authentication.

b) Please fill in the address of your ETH Wallet or Bitcoin Wallet in My Profile for later transferring money to buy services and goods. If you still do not have encrypted wallet, please visit mainstream websites for encrypted wallet registration like With the gradual popularization of encrypted wallet and digital currency, you can get a free one more conveniently.


iHOME is still in construction. It is expected that iHOME will become a distributed member service system which will provide members with services to holiday and beautiful life. With the increase in service content, the value of iHOME Credits will also increase gradually.

iHOME takes source opening and openness as the principles of organization. Welcome your participation in the co-construction of iHOME service network. Please contact iHOME:

  1. Contact iHOME on leave messages or send emails to
  2. Contact us in iHOME’s social media.

Thank you!