About US

Organization Mission
To help people around the world realize the dream of a free-living vacation, and to explore the meaning of life through spiritual and spiritual practice.

Organization goals
Connect global vacation and good life projects, create value networks and share them with people

About us
The founding team members had the dream of being able to live one month at a time in different parts of the world and fully experience the local cultural environment. As a result, iHOME was created in 2002 to begin research and development and construction of the project. In July 2018, a blockchain-based project website was released.

At present, iHOME is composed of partners such as iHOME resort club, DA Digital Assets Alliance, 6D Development Agency, and CCC Creative Capital Center. And related business, personal development cooperation.

Cooperative agencies come from industries such as network technology, financial investment, tourism and vacation, business management, design and construction. iHOME will gradually improve the organization and create a decentralized, borderless BGO business grid organization.


iHOME's business model is based on the Vacation Club. Will continue to develop with the new blockchain-based ecosystem.

iHOME will also establish a non-profit foundation in order to achieve the mission of the organization: to realize the dream of human free living and vacation. Create a body and soul holiday project, provide people with free exploration of meaning in  life.